What attracts women to men?

And what attracts men to women

What attracts women to men

Not everyone is a fan of Jordan Peterson – the now, very famous psychologist.

He’s certainly one of those ‘Marmite’ characters for many.

What do I think of Peterson?

Well, he’s clearly a very bright guy with an incredible ability to communicate (and argue his point of view) . . .

. . . and to provide us which some super valuable Insights from what is a vast (and, in places, flawed) pool of psychological research.

I also think that his challenge to the Canadian law around the use of gender pronouns (which arguably brought him to fame) is totally misunderstood by many.

It’s really just about who controls what we say.  And I don’t think any reasonable person would argue with his fight for us to retain fundamental rights of free speech within a framework that gives complete respect to others.

Would they?

One thing I don’t understand about Peterson is why he applies so much effort to trying to make sense of old religious texts.

I’ve no doubt he has his reasons for this work – most of us do for most things we do.

And, I’m open to your views below on the value of ‘that side’ of his work – or any other.

But here, I want to focus on some brilliant Peterson value for you – and on his evidence about some fundamental differences between men and women.

This, for me anyway, is a fascinating excerpt (from what appears to be an academic lecture to a mixed audience) on what really drives men and women to do very different things.

And, you won’t be surprised to learn – it has a lot to do with sex.

So, what are the BIG Insights?

Well, it’s NOT just wealth that attracts women to men.

It’s more about ‘usefulness’ and ‘industriousness’  and that makes sense when you consider that many lottery winners lose all their ‘wealth’

But, I think you’ll find the most powerful Insights in this talk are around:

  1. What drives some men to crazy levels of work and
  2. How that informs our need for more equal societies.

My takeaway is this

We cannot make everyone totally equal – that’s a naive communist idea.

People need ladders that they can climb.

But those ladders MUST have reasonably spaced rungs.

And that’s where, too often, we get it wrong.


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