I published my first (yellow) two-part book, ‘Who Can You Trust About Money?’ in 2013 to help people get more from their money and avoid the enormous mistakes many people make.

My second (blue) book, ‘Who misleads you about money?’ was published in 2015 as an update on part 1 of that earlier book.

Over time, I’m updating and adding to the ideas in these books on this site.

At some point, I also plan to combine all the key ideas into another book – more focussed on the ‘How to’ questions of financial planning – but that’s a way off.

These books (and the Insights on this site) aim to help you cut through the usual financial jargon to grasp the key issues of money management.

In the books, I show how our finances can be destroyed—with the help of outside ‘experts’, including:

  • Outright criminal scammers
  • Overcharging financial product salespeople.
  • Badly trained investment advisers.
  • Edgy tax avoidance planners.
  • Confused economists.
  • Misleading Politicians
  • Scaremonger Journalists
  • Well-intentioned family and friends.

In part 2 of the first (yellow) book, I also explored how our irrational behaviours often lead to our biggest money mistakes.

The simple truth is that most of us face the same basic challenge with money throughout our lives.

We’d like to have a decent income in our later years, but we may need to support our loved ones before we get there. And yes, we’d like to have something left over (after we’ve committed to our longer-term savings plans) for ourselves—to have some fun days out and holidays this year.

The good news is that most of us can achieve this balance with a lot less pain than some ‘experts’ tell us.

In these books, I prove how the depressing weekend newspaper headlines—on the horrendous cost of a pension—are often misleading. And I show how you might be able to cut their projected costs in half!

I aim to demystify money management and help you connect your money to what really matters in your life – your goals for yourself and your loved ones. Your Money - Your Life. Paul Claireaux