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Financial Education. Can I help. Paul Claireaux

This is a holding page.

My new website should be open by early April – with clear descriptions of my two new services:

Content to go: A new licensed content service which will cut 90% from the cost of creating your own (high quality) content.

Custom-made Content: My existing, proven, service where I help financial service firms create their own unique library of educational content.

OK, but does educational content work?

Yes, my first client, Salary Finance, advised me that the ‘clincher’ for them to land TESCO and other FTSE Companies as clients for their services was the educational content I created with them.

Two of my clients were finalists for the prestigious Workplace Savings and Benefits ‘Financial Education Provider’ award.

And two other clients (Fidelity and Money Alive) told me that their Financial planner clients describe the content I’ve created for them as ‘Superb’.

So, yes, great educational content can boost your reputation, attract new clients and help you retain more of your existing clients. And there’s no question I can help firms with this.

The only question for you as a leader of a financial service firm is whether you want to do it?

Do, you want to help more people make the transformation in the image below?

Do you really want to do this. Paul ClaireauxBecause this is what we’ll achieve if we do this well.

The fact is (like other creative industries – in books, films, music), that very few firms win big time in this game – and become loved and trusted (go-to) places for answers to key money questions.

To achieve that status, you must offer ABC content – and work with the best content creators.

Hope that helps for now, and as Arny once said,

I’ll be back.

With a new website soon.

Thanks for dropping in.

Paul Claireaux

27 March 2024.