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I’m Paul Claireaux, a writer, educator and financial life coach.

And I’m also a consumer champion for better quality (and fairer value) financial advice.

Here you’ll find most of the Key ‘Insights’ you need if you want to:

Understand your money

So you're equipped to make better decisions about it

Understand your money

Plan your money

So that it's connected to what matters in your life

Plan your money

Earn more money

and find more happiness with what you already have

Earn more money

Focus on the issues that concern YOU

To help you with this, my ‘Insights’ are divided into 10 categories:

Achieving more, Advice to avoid, Behavioural booby traps, Growing your business, Housing and money, Investment Risk and Rewards,

Planning your financial life, Protecting from disasters, Smarter pension ideas, and Jokes and Riddles.

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Paul Claireaux
Take control of your money and
achieve the things that really
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Tell me more about this education

I can teach you how to map out your own path to financial freedom – by connecting your money to what really matters in your life.

And I can help you avoid the big money mistakes that most people make – by teaching you how to RATE any investment – that anyone puts to you- before you jump into it.

This is the education about money you always wanted but never knew was available.

But don’t take my word for this, see what others have to say.

"One of the best written and most engaging books of it's kind . . ."Moira O'Neill, award winning journalist, PFP editor at Investors Chronicle
"Fabulous, education is the key to financial freedom"Sarah, workshop attendee
"arm yourself for a more rewarding relationship with your money”George Cooper, Author of The Origin of Financial Crises
"I feel empowered to change things now"Naomi, workshop attendee
"The author's easy style will guide even experienced investors through ideas overlooked in most investment books"Magneto, Amazon book review
"A boring subject brought to life – with stories and cartoons"Phillipa, workshop attendee
"Brilliant, liberating, packed with everything you need to know – and entertaining along the way"Sue, Amazon book review
Wonderful, for the first time I have clarity on my financial choices. Thank you so muchJude. Coaching client
"The one sheet money mapping exercise is awesome"Georgina, workshop attendee
Hugely engaging & informative seminar. Debunking pension savings & industry myths. Great value & essential insights. Thanx! Rhys Taylor, Barrister, London.

IRATE The 5 steps to plan your financial freedom

Explore your IdeasFor what you want for yourself or your loved ones
Reality checkYour ideas to see if you're on target
Adjust your planTo make it fit your financial realities
Test your planAgainst unexpected and unpleasant events
Execute your planand launch the next stage of your life
Get the five steps and start planning YOUR financial freedom today
"Never get stuck on your BIG money questions again!"

Take more control of YOUR money by learning

How to plan your financial freedom (in 5 simple steps)

How to connect your money to what matters in your life.

How to choose the best ‘boxes’ for YOUR money.

How much you need to save to achieve your goals.

How to avoid being overcharged for advice – and for those money boxes too.

And how to earn more money at work (or in business) so that YOU CAN save for your future AND have the fun you want today too.

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