Want to achieve more, but not sure where to start?

If you want to master your money, to understand it and make better decisions about it (without getting a headache) . . .

You’re in the right place.

The ideas you’ll find here will help you achieve more of what matters to you – your goals for yourself or your loved ones.

Here you’ll find proven ideas for:

1. Earning more money at work (or in your business)
2. Planning your own financial freedom (in 5 simple steps) and
3. Rating any investment before you jump into it

I’m Paul Claireaux, a writer, educator and coach. And I’d love to help you with this.Paul Claireaux Picture

You can learn more about me and this site – in a short video here

But in a nutshell, I’ll help you take out the mysteries around money and take on the people who mislead you about it.

So, this is about education pure and simple.

You won’t find any adverts for financial products in here – because I don’t sell those things. So, you can relax about that.

Here you’ll find ideas to protect yourself:

• From the scammers out to steal your money
• From those seminar speakers who promise too much and
• Anyone else who will expose your money to crazy risks

I can also show you how to protect yourself from financial advisers who charge too much – and with that guidance alone I’ve saved people £ thousands in fees.

The truth is, you don’t need these people to map out your own financial life plan.

All you need are your own ideas, for the life that you want, and some guidance on a solid process from someone qualified to help.

And that’s what I provide.

How else could you learn about this?

Well, you could read a lot of books – and try to become an expert on money matters yourself.

Of course, you’ll need to understand the detail of the stuff you read – to know if the ideas are ‘flawed’ because a lot of what’s written is nonsense.

And that’s before you try to decide if any of those ideas could be useful to you.

That’s why I’ve built this site – to save you a ton of time and money . . . and that headache.

I’ll do the hard work and send you the best ideas – to make the most of your money straight to your inbox . . .

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