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This page outlines my prices for financial education and coaching work.

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Rule 1. The only rule: engage the right person

Talk to the wrong person about your financial plans and it’ll cost you a fortune OR put you off saving or investing for life.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost very much, to hire a good coach. And it might just save you from these nightmares.

But you do have to choose carefully. If you want ‘specialist’ input, you need to find someone competent and experienced in that area.

And you need to know that you can trust them – to have your interests at the centre of their work.

This is my focus.

I help people to understand their money and make better decisions about it.

Also, through coaching in sales and marketing skills – I help people to earn more money too.

If you’d like to explore these areas further, just drop me a line from the contact page. 

Or, book an initial conversation here – and we can explore if I’m right for you.

My standard prices for personal coaching, 

and group educational workshops are shown here 

Your Education and Coaching Choices

Financial Freedom Essentials

Financial Freedom Essentials

Kickstart your money plan

A fast-paced session to learn:

(1) How to plan your big financial goals – on one sheet of paper

(2) How to rate any investment put to you (before you jump into it!) and

(3) How to estimate the cost of the pension you want

You will be NOT be asked for any personal financial details for this session.

This session comes with a money back guarantee of satisfaction.

Please note: This fast-paced session covers a lot of ground in a limited amount of time.

If’ you think you’ll need more time (for questions and to get more help) go for the 9 hour series of coaching sessions or organise a group to reduce your costs.

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Financial Freedom Group Learning

Financial Freedom Group Learning

Planning and Psychology

A series of online (or live) workshops, spread over time. 

 I send you a menu of ideas, we talk and agree on the right lessons for your group. These are examples.

(1) How to plan your big financial goals – on one sheet of paper

(2) How to rate any investment put to you, before you jump in!

(3) How to estimate the cost of your various life goals.

(4) How to save thousands in charges on your money

(5) How to tame the money monsters, in our heads, to avoid the big money mistakes.

No one is asked to share any financial details. This is education, pure and simple.

Prices depend on your group size and the lessons you choose.

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Financial Freedom Coaching

Financial Freedom Coaching

Taking it one step at a time

A series of coaching sessions

Learn everything from the one-day workshop – and more.

Work on what you want – in your own sessions – with time to reflect afterwards.

Learn to earn more money with coaching on your sales and marketing skills.

And build a stronger platform for your future – based on your strengths and values.

Use your coaching time as you need it.

Access me for help with ‘ad hoc’ issues – between coaching sessions.

Money back guarantee applies. So, you can opt-out of coaching at any time, for a full refund of your account balance.

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This is very different from financial advice

No one will try to sell you any financial products of any kind- either before or after your coaching or workshop.

This is about education or mentoring on the basics of financial planning – and how our natural human biases get in the way.

The Insights and Skills you’ll gain here will help you better decisions about your money – throughout your life.

Money Back Guarantee of satisfaction

The personal coaching sessions have a money back guarantee of satisfaction. So, you can opt out at any time and receive a 100% refund of the balance in your account, if you don’t think you’ll gain full value from continuing with the sessions.

No quibbles. That’s my guarantee.

On group learning sessions, we can also agree session by session payment terms, if that helps.

Which package offers the best value?

By far the best value package is the ‘Financial Freedom’ Group workshop.

In a series of workshops you’ll gain all the core knowledge and skills you need – to map out your own financial plan.

So, this day could truly transform your how you view your money – as it does for most people.

Workshop Testimonials

Keep your personal finances – to yourself!

I know that money can be a scary subject so, in the group workshops, you are not asked to say anything about your money.

I’ll be happy to answer any generic questions – of general application to the group.

If you need personal advice or guidance, you’ll be encouraged to seek that from a personal financial adviser or Coach.

I will not ask you to share any personal details either before, during or after this session

This is about equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need to make better financial decisions – whatever your situation.

Even better value when shared

The group learning sessions can cost as little as £9 per person per hour for larger groups.

Or, you can pay for personal coaching and mentoring on these topics, as shown.

Questions and availability check

If you have any questions about these or my other (educational content creation) services, you can book a meeting with me here

All the best, for now, and thanks for dropping in


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