Financial Life Coaching

What is financial life coaching

Please note: This page gives you an outline of my particular kind of coaching.

If you’re not familiar with the whole concept of coaching – and especially what good coaching is all about – you probably want to put this Insight on hold for a bit and head over here

Otherwise, let’s get right into this.

Look at this picture – the bit on the right

It’s an example of the sort of picture I get my (financial coaching) clients to draw up… to help them start engaging with their big financial life goals – and get a better sense of just how far ahead they need to plan for those goals.

Very few people look this far ahead unless they’re encouraged and helped to do so.

Now, look at this example image of a money life map. (I’ve used many of my own financial life goals from when I was younger) 🙂Money Life Map

What’s interesting is how this exercise gets us started on our financial life plan.

The simple act of drawing a picture like this, reveals what really matters to us.

It helps us to focus on what we want (to have, become or do) in the future,

for ourselves and for those we care about.

And it helps us think about the consequences of not achieving those goals.

What’s a financial life plan?.

Well, it’s merely a plan that connects our money – to our important life goals

Now, imagine you’ve sat down and drawn up your own money life map with pictures of the things that matter to you.

Could you take it to the next stage?

Would you know how to choose the right types of money box, for saving or investing your money?

I don’t mean the money boxes that a friend or family member (or some blogger without even knowing you!) might ‘suggest’ are ‘perfect’ for you. 

I mean the money boxes and funds that would be right for you – given your personal circumstances and ambitions.

And it’s essential to take those things into account – because we’re all unique as we explored here

Would you know how to choose the right money boxes for you?

And would you know how to estimate how much to save into those boxes – to stand a good chance of achieving your important life goals?

In short, do you have a smart way to work out your financial planning numbers?

Learn this and you’ll avoid paying through the nose for some ‘adviser’ to do it for you?

If you’re answering ‘no’ to these questions, you need to learn some smart financial planning ideas.

Some of these ideas you can find on this site or elsewhere for free.

Or, if you prefer personal guidance, you could get that through personal coaching or group educational workshops. And if ‘real person’ guidance interests you, check out my prices here

The question is, what do you want to learn?

When it comes to learning about money, it’s easy to go off in a thousand different directions but you might want to start your learning in these nine areas.

Which of these do you most need to learn?

  1. The behavioural science behind our biggest money mistakes?
  2. How to map out your own path to financial freedom?
  3. How to connect your money to what matters in your life? (as in the picture above)
  4. How much you need to save to achieve your financial life goals?
  5. How to assess any investment before you jump into it?
  6. How to build a fund of thousands of pounds, for the price of a coffee each day?
  7. How to avoid the nastiest risks to your money – and the investment risks you might want to embrace?
  8. How to generate income from your pension fund when you decide to stop or slow down from work?
  9. How to find a really good adviser, who won’t ‘overcharge’ you for their time? 😊

Or would you like to learn all of this stuff?

Yes, all of it, but money is such a scary subject

I agree, for many people, “money” planning can seem a bit daunting. A lot of people are bamboozled and understandably put off by all the jargon too.

However, unless you’re super-rich or you have complex investment, pension or trust arrangements to deal with, your high-level financial planning shouldn’t be that difficult.

Sure, you might have been told it’s all very complicated by an adviser to justify charging high fees but that’s just bad behaviour.

And because it goes on, you need to learn how to see spot it and find a competent (and fair value) adviser if you need one. The good folk are happy to tell you, upfront, what work will be involved and how much they’ll charge you.

Either way, you need to learn how to map out your own financial freedom plan for three reasons:

First, by learning a solid process, you’ll be able to stay in control of it. And when it comes to your money, you need to have control.

Second, if you do a lot of the core planning work yourself, you should be able to negotiate reduced fees for planning, if you need any, from a competent adviser, later on.

And third, by getting a head start on your own financial planning, you’ll allow your adviser to focus on tasks that require specialist knowledge and will add the most value to you. So, that’s about optimising the tax and investment efficiency of your plan – and finding the best Investment, pension or life assurance products for you too.

If I’ve convinced you of the value of learning to draw up your own financial life plan –  at least at a high level – go ahead and choose some lessons from that list of nine above.

I promise you, we can make this easy – and fun 🙂

So, go ahead, if you’ve not done so already, and choose a couple of items from that list of nine lessons above. And start becoming your own financial coach. This really isn’t that difficult.

Do you have to learn from me?

No, of course not and even if we were ‘well-matched’ for working together, I might not be available when you need me.

So, the key is to find someone qualified in financial planning matters who is both competent and a good communicator.

You need someone who is capable of helping you to:

  1. Build your knowledge and skills
  2. Take more control of your money and
  3. Take more control of your financial adviser – if you use one

Money Monster

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Can’t you just leave all this money stuff to an adviser?

Well, possibly but that’s not the best idea – even if you can afford (or want) to pay adviser fees.

You see, you need some knowledge to be able to check if the advice you’re getting is solid – and the fees you’re paying are fair.

Most of us can spot a bad driver when we get in a car with one but it’s not always easy to see when someone is driving our money over the edge of a cliff. And, sadly, that still happens. So, you need to know what to look out for.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good financial advisers out there. However, they’re not all as smart as they claim to be, some are not as smart as they need to be and some charge so much, they’ll make your eyes ‘smart’ 😉

I know. I’ve been around this industry for 35 years and I wrote the book on it!

Over charging adviser

If you need a financial adviser, and you might do, at some point, you need to know how to find someone who’s competent and good value too.

And, I can help you do that.

What else you do you want to know?

Now, apart from the above, and my fees, what else do you need to know about my education and coaching?

You can see my fees for Coaching and workshops here

And just remember, this, long-term, financial life planning game is a LOT easier for most people than some experts will tell you.

Download my brochure to learn more (just hit the button below) and I’ll also send you updates and more ideas for making better decisions around money.

Also, if you download the brochure, be sure to answer the 10 simple questions on the back page to assess, ‘where you are’ (on money matters) right now. Those questions will help you to focus your learning.

 Okay let’s Go 

Of course, this page only scratches the surface of what we could cover in our coaching… but here are some ideas:

What do you want to achieve? 

Do you want to get better at what you do now – or do you want to start something completely NEW?

If you’re a business owner would you like to be better at selling your services?

Or if you’re employed, could you use a promotion or new job?

Would you like to start (or spend more time) doing the things you’re more passionate about?

  • To write a book?
  • To start your own business?
  • To make your existing business more successful?
  • To build a fund to escape from work altogether?
  • To travel more?
  • Or to simply find more time to relax and appreciate what you have?

Whatever you want, you’ll find it easier to achieve with a good coach supporting you.

How could I help?

Well, if you seriously want to change your life for the better – then my kind of coaching could be a game-changer for you.

You will NOT waste your time ‘stressing’ to ‘overcome’ weaknesses or to get ‘good’ at stuff that doesn’t interest you.

Instead, you’ll discover your true strengths and find ways to work with them in the ‘flow’

So, if we worked together, I would help you to:

  • Understand your strengths – and build upon them.
  • Define your goals in areas you are passionate about.
  • Transform your ideas into workable plans.
  • Challenge and support you to achieve them.

And, if you wanted to – though there’s no obligation… I could also help you to understand your money, make better decisions about it and connect it to what matters in your life.

The agenda we work to – is created by YOU

Money back guarantee of progressMoney back guarantee

My focus is your success and I do not charge for work that doesn’t help you with that.

So, if I coach you, I will commit to helping you succeed and check that you’re happy with my input after each session.

If you’re not happy with my input, at any stage, and we’re unable to agree on a way forward, I will refund your money for that session.

So, whenever we part company, and for whatever reason, we’ll do so on good terms  – it’s as simple as that 🙂

And whatever you do, be sure to grab my ideas 

The truth is that my kind of coaching is not right for everyone. So, I’d only offer it if I felt it would deliver significant value to you. And, with a limited number of coaching spaces, there will be a waiting list from time to time.

So, if you want to explore this coaching, just message me from the contact page and ask whatever questions you have. That action alone will move you closer to your goal.

And, if I’m not available right now OR my coaching is not quite ‘right’ for you OR you just want to think about this for a while, you can still have my ideas sent straight to your inbox. They all aim to help YOU make more money (or save a ‘ton’ of it) over time.

Sounds good – please send me ideas

And, as a thank-you for signing up, I’ll send you an outline of my ‘5 Steps for planning your Financial Freedom’  AND the first chapter of my acclaimed book, ‘Who misleads you about money?’ 

Thanks for dropping in