Would you dance with a ‘lone nut’ ?

And encourage others to join a NEW movement

Twain. Pause and Reflect.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that being different can be tough some times.

It’s so much easier to stick with the majority

That’s not to say I go looking for arguments – but I do enjoy solving problems and looking for ways to improve the status quo.

And that can ‘disturb’ people a bit sometimes.

When someone tells you . . . 

‘This is the way everyone does things around here’

What’s your immediate thought?

Mine is this,

‘well, that’s interesting, but I wonder . . .

. . . how could we do that better, faster and at lower cost ?’

And after all, this is how our living standards rise, right?

We find better and quicker and cheaper ways of doing things.

I mean, where would we be today, if we’d sat back and agreed with the majority that ‘the car’ or the ‘aeroplane’ would ‘never catch on’?

But yes, life (and business) can be very tough when you offer a new way of thinking because you’re trying to start a new ‘movement’ – and that can be a bit scary for people at first.

So, if this is you – and you’re trying to get your message out there, you’ll know that this is no walk in the park.

Yes, we have the internet but there’s so much on there that for most people, regardless of the quality of their work, it’s almost impossible to cut through.

Did you know that 300 hours of NEW video is loaded onto YouTube every minute!

I don’t know about you – but I’m struggling to keep up with it all 😉

We’re all simply overwhelmed by all the “noise” these days.

So, it’s really difficult to ‘stand out’

You might be able to see the benefits of the changes you want to make. . .

but it can take a long time to persuade others that the new game is better.

And, as this wonderful video (from Derek Sivers) demonstrates . . .

. . . ‘lone nuts’ have more fun with a tribe of followers

And yes, that was like me – a lone nut – when I first started my movement 😉

Thankfully its got going now – but we always welcome more dancers – so why not join in and share this with your friends?

What a hilarious example of human behaviour this is

The fact is, most people prefer to stick with the majority.

And to be honest, who can blame them for taking their time to join in – in this case.

That guy really is a nut!

Most people will only make a move after they see a couple of others making it.

And this ‘tipping’ point comes when we realise that ‘staying put’ risks being stuck with a new minority.

But this is science – not just a funny video

This is behavioural science in action.

And to learn more about it, try Duncan Watts book, Everything is obvious -once you know the answer.

There you’ll find the evidence on what it takes for crowds to grow and even riots to start.

Scary stuff that.

And it can even explain what’s happening when we follow other people’s ‘likes’  – to choose a book or piece of music on Amazon !!!

In a nutshell, we prefer to follow than think 😉 … it saves energy.

Here’s a link to Watts’ book and lots of my other favourites

Our desire to ‘conform’ is incredibly strong . . .

As is our desire to obey authority figures – as we saw here

And this has relevance for planning our money . . .

. . . because the best ideas for doing that have moved on too.

So, don’t get stuck with the old (boring and expensive) way of doing things.

And join me in the dance here – for a new and smarter way of thinking.

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Talk soon.

And take good care out there


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