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Content to go. Paul Claireaux

Welcome to my financial education ‘content-to-go’ store for financial advisers, planners and coaches.  Scroll down to see what’s currently available. 

These Insights are designed to engage consumers in the value of your services and seek your help where needed.

You only pay once for a lifetime-license to use each Insight pack in your business. There are no ongoing subscription fees, and no fees for any updates I make available.

Frequently asked questions on this Content-to-go service are answered here and the full license terms are here

E-mail me at if:

  • You have any questions at all – about this content or the license terms.
  • You employ more than seven client facing advisers or coaches or run another type of business, and want price quotes on these Insights.
  • You’d like some input on the Insights I create in the future.

If you believe you need unique content for your business (including derivatives of these Insights), see my terms for a custom-made service here.

Or just book a meeting here and we’ll explore if either of my services are suitable for you. (I’m happy to offer you content creation guidance, if my services are not right for you)

What’s available in the shop?

Click on any image below to learn more about that Insight or series and any launch discounts available.

The NACK of Investing. Paul Claireaux

How much investment risk is right for you?

Could you help more people choose a sensible level of risk for investing towards each of their life goals?

You could with this series of Insights. Click the image to learn more.

Should you pay for financial advice?

Could you help people decide between Robo and Human advice or Coaching?

You could with this Insight. Click the image to learn more.

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