Real financial magic

Yes, if you like magic then you are seriously going to love this.

I want you to imagine that you’re someone called ‘Sam’  – and that you’re aged 35.

Perhaps that’s you!

Anyway, I also want you to imagine that you’ve been to see a financial adviser  – for some advice on pension planning.

Rolls Royce Car Salesman

And this ‘adviser’ has told you that in order to fund a modest pension – of £30,000 p.a.  – from when you’re 65 . . .

You’re going to have to save £15,000 a year.

And what’s more, you’ll need to keep those savings going right through to your 65th birthday and . . .

you’ll have to increase them each year with inflation.

Now – what would you think of that?

“Crap” –  right?

Yes, of course – and so would I.

But these are precisely the numbers you’ll be given by some advisers – and they’re the same numbers you’ll get from a lot of those online calculation tools and . . .

. . . they’re precisely the same numbers you’ll find in the financial press – most weekends.

So they must be right . . . right?

Well, no.

You see, there is no such thing as a ‘right’ number when you’re dealing with pension planning.

And this is even more true when you’re making plans over such a long timescale (30 years in this case)

The answer to the question, ‘how much will that cost?’ is massively dependent on the assumptions you make to work it out.

And I can show you, ‘Sam’ – that with a perfectly robust set of assumptions – you might only need to save £8 per day for that pension.

Indeed, for some people – it might even be less.

What’s more . . .

. . . . some lucky people will be able to build that juicy pension at no personal cost at all.

That’s right – nothing – not a single penny – zip – zilch

Now what do you think of that?

Magic right?

Well not really

This is simply what I teach – plus other great ideas around money too.

So, if that’s of interest, why don’t you come along to one of my workshops . . .

and learn to make sense of these numbers for yourself.

You simply can’t lose out because there’s a money back guarantee –

You will not be sold any financial products – that’s not what I do – I’m a writer and educator.

And you will not be asked anything about your financial situation either.

This is about education and ideas  – pure and simple

So, if you’d like to learn more – and get more control of your money – and your adviser if you have one – just click below

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