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Hey there, If you want to learn about money – without being asked anything about yours

You’re in the right place.

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Helping you achieve more

In my workshops you will learn the fundamentals about money.

And how to make better decisions about it.

You’ll start to develop a NEW relationship with your money . . .

. . . where YOU start to take more control 🙂

Money Monster

And you’ll learn how to avoid the ‘money mistakes’ – that most people make!

This is the new behavioural science that everyone’s talking about.

Test your investment adviser

If you like the sound of all that and . . .

. . . you’d like to learn how to map out your OWN path to financial freedom.

This workshop is for you

And this is really quite easy – once you know how.

You see, it’s all about getting your money connected . . .

. . .  to what really matters in your life (Your goals – for yourself and your loved ones)

Money Life Map

So, if you want some solid guidance

On how to plan your money for the long term . . .

And you want to learn from someone who will NOT try to sell you any financial products

. . . I can probably help.

I’ll even show you how to ‘rate’ any investment, that anyone could ever put to you . . .

. . . before you jump into it!

And I’ll teach you how to build a fund of thousands of pounds

 . . . for the price of a coffee each day!

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Next steps

Drop me a line if you’d like me to run a private workshop.

For you and your friends or work colleagues.

Or even for you personally 🙂

But first – check out my terms on my pricing page

And to get an idea of what goes on at my workshops – look at this video.

It’s a few minutes long but will help you decide if this could be right for you.

And if you watch to the end, you’ll learn all the key points from my acclaimed book, ‘Who can you trust about money?’ . . .

. . . so you’ll start to learn how other people can mislead you about money . . .

and how you might mislead yourself 😉

8 minute video

Fancy a shorter video?

Okay, I know, we’re all in a hurry these days.

So, if that’s you, click on one of these links to find a shorter video

Each one explores a different challenge that we all face with our money.

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Why financial products are the LAST thing you need  How to master your money & make better decisions about it  How the Newspapers get it wrong about pensions How to replace fear & confusion with confidence & control  How YOU can avoid the ‘overcharging’ advisers   Knowing WHO to trust – for guidance on money  How FREE seminars can cost you a fortune Excerpts from the workshop – short version 

To learn more about any of this, contact me to arrange a private workshop.

It’d be great to hear from you

And, you never know – this might be one of the best investments you ever make 🙂

Oh, and one other thing . . .

All my workshops and coaching sessions come with a money back guarantee !Money back guarantee

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