Why I get IRATE about everything

and why you might want to, too

Don't get cross, get IRATE

So, why do I get IRATE about money and why might you want to too?

Well, in a nutshell, it’s because once you’ve got IRATE, you’ll know how to plan your financial life and help your loved ones do the same.

Yes, I’m serious, this simple 5 letter word could become one of the most valuable words you use – because the ideas it will help you remember – will serve you for the rest of your life.

No matter what happens in markets, politics, the economy or technology – and long after I’m gone – you’ll still be able to use these ideas to guide you towards better decisions.

So, these are truly evergreen ideas.

Don’t believe me?

Well, take a look at how I use this (registered trademark) IRATE(R) word in 4 different ways – I think you’ll be interested in at least 3 of these.

And don’t worry  – I’m not about to try to sell you any financial products.

That’s NOT what I do. This is about education pure and simple.

IRATE V1 – The proven process for planning your money

I’m a big fan of using powerful and proven processes to guide me around any complex problem that I’m trying to solve.

And this first ‘IRATE’ process is one I’ve developed to help you to plan out your own financial freedom.

Now, as I hold the diploma in financial planning from the personal finance society, I can tell you that this process is perfectly aligned to their traditional planning models.

However, it’s a lot easier to remember when you’re doing this work yourself.

Here’s a simple overview

IRATE 5 steps

IRATE V2 – The proven process for ‘rating’ any investment

The second IRATE process that I use and teach – works in tandem with the first. And we pick it up when we get to the ‘adjust your plan’ stage in the process above.

At this stage, we need another process to work out what you could adjust (other than simply downgrading or deferring your life goals) to get your financial plan on track.

This second IRATE process helps you assess (or ‘RATE’ 😉) any investments that you have OR that you’re thinking of buying, so you get more out of them.

So, it helps you to RATE any investment that anyone could put to you…

…and before you jump into them which is important, right?Road to riches

Now, this second IRATE process covers several concepts. So, there’s no room to go into the detail of it here, but I do teach the detail of this – and the first process – to my coaching clients and to anyone who attends my one-day workshops – which will be online soon.

If this is of interest, get on my newsletter for updates.

Simply by learning these two IRATE processes, you’ll be equipped to make much better decisions about your money.

What’s more, on some key concepts, you’ll even know more than some financial advisers. So, you’ll be able to spot poor quality or expensive advice – before you get caught out by it. And know exactly how to find smart and fair value advice too.

The difference between these types of advice – can be enormous – as you can see here.

The cost of a pension

Of course, learning to ‘get IRATE’ will also teach you how to protect yourself from the scammers on the dark side of financial advice. And, sadly, there are still far too many of those people out there.

Dark Side of Financial Advice

So, once you’ve learned these two (quite simple) processes,

you should NEVER get caught by anyone out to mislead you about money.

And you’ll be equipped to guide your friends and family on some of the really big money issues too.

In short, then, these two IRATE processes alone are worth their weight in gold!

Golden Eggs

But there’s more to this than two neat processes for planning your money – and ‘rating’ investment ideas.

IRATE V3 – The secrets of sales and marketing

I also use the word IRATE to help people remember the 5 essentials of great sales and marketing.

This brand NEW workshop is designed specifically for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Just for fun (and because it works), I’ve also made these sales and marketing secrets memorable with my IRATE acronym.

And I’m confident that if you use these skills, you’ll see a massive increase in sales – with a lot less stress and effort too.

The workshop is based upon my proven track record in B2B sales and in product development and marketing. So, I know these methods work and are easy to follow. You can learn more about me here and a feature article here 

Road Trip

Please note: This is a brand NEW course and there’s currently no sales page for it on this website.

So, if this is of interest to you (for yourself or a group of friends or a team that you employ) just contact me here and I’ll prepare a quotation for you.

IRATE V4 – an outline of my business values

Finally, I’ve used the word IRATE to outline (and help others remember) my core business values – which are to provide my customers with:

  • (I) Inspirational, Innovative and Intelligent Ideas
  • (R) Rewarding Results.
  • (A) an Approachable service
  • (T) a Trustworthy service
  • (E) The Effort, Expertise and Experience they need to achieve more of what matters to them – in their business or personal life.

Learn everything I know – just by ‘getting’ IRATE’

As you can see, I like the word IRATE, so much, that I made it a registered trademark of my new educational and coaching business.

Please note, I do not sell Investment products. I simply teach people how to ‘RATE’ these things for themselves.

In summary then, IRATE may sound like a curious word to use for a business but just remember this:

You don’t need to get angry about money…

as long as you ‘get’ IRATE!

Want to ‘get’ IRATE?

Or perhaps you’d like me to help your team at your business to do so?

Either way, you can contact me here and/or download an outline of the first IRATE (financial freedom planning) process below.

It’s FREE to everyone who signs up to my newsletter – which some people tell me is ‘quite good’ 😊

Jason Butler Testminonial

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