Who can you trust about money?

and are family and friends the best place to start?

So, who can you trust about money?

Well, watch the video (above) or read on below for ideas on this question.

It’s a great question and a good title for a book 😉

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And if you struggle to trust and expert’s advice on money…

You might turn to Family and Friends

Now, these people do have your best interests at heart, but it doesn’t necessarily make their advice useful to you.

Let’s think about parents and other older folk – who might be keen to advise you.

Help from older folkThe trouble is, their advice is, in part at least, will be based on their experience.

And that, on any given investment and depending on the time period in question, might have been good or bad.

So, they might point you away from the things that didn’t work well for them… and towards the things that did.

But we must remember that our older friends and loved ones lived through very different times to us.

So for example, the growth that they’ve enjoyed in house prices might not be repeated from this point in time!

House price bubble chart

Now holding onto a belief that our past experience will be repeated, is a natural but irrational, human behaviour.

And, it’s this behaviour that can cause some of our biggest money mistakes.

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This is about Education – pure and simple.

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