The advisers who over charge

To learn about the advisers who over charge – watch the video above.

Now I guess we’re all aware of the need to guard against Scammers but some scams are less obvious than others.

And I want to tell you about a group of people that you might not even realise live on the dark side’ of financial advice.

These are the people I call the Rhinos

Now why do I call them Rhinos?

Well, they’re thick and they’re thick skinned, so they really don’t care about you.

They just want to sell you their latest ‘hot’ investment product.

And you may want one of those products – but not from a Rhino – because they’ve got another nasty habit . . .

. . . they charge – too much!

Rhinos . . . charge too much? . . . oh never mind.

So I think you need to know how to avoid the rhinos – and I’ll show you how to do that at my workshop.

And I’ll give you a pack of ideas for finding good quality advice if you need it at a reasonable price

And that idea alone, could save you hundreds (or thousands) of pounds’ in charges on your money over the coming years.

So if that’s of interest . . . then come along to one of my workshops soon.

It’d be great to meet you

All the best for now


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