Riddles IRATE (3)

Circles optical illusion

Here’s riddle number 3 in this series.

What’s going on in that ‘image’ above?

No . . . it’s not a video – it’s a simple, static image – and yet it’s moving 😉 

I was so amazed to find it that I put it in my book ‘Who can you trust about money?’   

And those wheels move equally well on the printed page.

You can find this illusion in the second part of that book – where I explore “how we mislead ourselves about money”

So that’s about the behavioural biases that can cause our biggest money mistakes

Now look at these charts . . .

. . . and see if you notice anything strange.


CAPE non log

Notice anything ? 

Now they say that pictures paint a thousand words . . .

. . . so what else can these charts tell us?

For example . . .

When was the biggest stock market crash (in the US) over this period?

Pop your thoughts in the comments below.

And if you missed the earlier riddles start with number 1 you’ll find it here – it’s a beauty

There’s a prize (worth £20) for the best answers to that one.

But hurry the offer closes soon.

And have a great day


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