Do crises only come once in a generation?

No, that's simply not true.

Generation gap

You may have heard some financial ‘experts’ say that . . .

the banking crisis (of 2008-09) was the last in a generation

Indeed, I’ve even seen that phrase used in an investment training series.

So if you’ve signed up for training watch out for that – and don’t take it seriously!

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Of course , we might not find out if the 2008-09 crisis was the last in a generation – for another 40 years or so 😉

Then again , we might find out a lot sooner than that and the evidence is quite clear . . .

Big crises are not spread out neatly with generational gaps in between.

They tend to come in clusters.

What’s more, if stock and debt markets are ‘over extended’ (as they tend to be) when a banking crisis strikes, the pain of unwinding can be all the more severe.

So perhaps a better question is whether markets are over extended right now?

And I think that most ‘reasonable’ people would say that they are. More here

I’d also suggest that you keep an eye on the warning signals here

And take good care out there


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