No one cares how much you know

until they know how much you care

No one cares how much you know

No one cares, how much you know … until they know how much you care

What a truly brilliant insight that is…  from Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, U.S. president from 1901 to 1909.

Quite clearly there are some business leaders who could learn a lesson from this.

If you want to motivate people to work with you, then you really do have to care about them.

But there’s more to this insight than meets the eye. So, let’s dig a bit deeper.

Why do we listen to idiots

Few would deny that, until quite recently, hard evidence and science has largely been dismissed by the ‘liberal elite’ (the corporate and political power brokers)

And this issue was wonderfully summed up by government adviser and Chemist, CP Snow here

CP SnowNow, this could partly be because these (generally, Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduate) leaders* have tended to believe that scientists don’t care about the human condition… or at least, not as much as they* do. After all, it’s social science that these people studied at Uni.

And there has been, without doubt, a tendency to think that somehow the STEM subjects are a separate and cold domain (full of equations and ‘stuff’) which offer no hope of any guidance on morality or human behaviour.

This is wrong of course, very wrong…

… and the flaw in this thinking is quite brilliantly articulated by Sam Harris in this TED talk.

I do hope you’ll watch it. It’s without question one of the most powerful TED talks you’ll ever see.

Go, Sam Harris

The truth is that scientists care deeply about the human condition.

It’s just that some are less socially aware than others… and certainly less smooth in their conversation than the less scientifically able folk – whom we may lovingly refer to as the ‘luvvies’

But is that any reason to ignore the valuable messages that our scientists deliver?

Of course not!

The trend in public trust

Public trust is now shifting very firmly away from the luvvies (and other ill-informed ideas folk) and onto the minds of the real experts.

The Truth, it seems, is finally about to have its day.

More on that here

People the world over are rapidly growing tired of getting ‘alternative’ facts from politicians and social media.

Remember that one?

If we can get to grips with this issue, we might just manage to identify stupidity before we vote it into power!

The respect we give to those who mislead us

The thing is… there’s a flip side to the scientist’s problem… and it’s a massive problem for society.

In a nutshell, we give way too much respect to those who do not deserve it.

The question is… why we do that?

And, to my mind, the answer is quite simple, as Teddy Roosevelt observed;

It’s because we believe that these other people care…

… that they’re going to look after us in some way…

… that they’ll ‘make America great again’ or some other such magnificent thing.

So, what’s this got to do with your money?

Well, just think about the misleading marketers who attack your senses every day with a ‘we care about you’ message.


Let’s think about that…

… do all the companies out there, selling you their ‘stuff’ (from cosmetics to chocolate) really care about you?

Or is their objective to persuade you to spend a lot of your money today – on stuff you don’t actually need!

OK, yes, I guess the answer’s obvious.

So, please, please, please…

Let’s start seeing through

these false ‘caring’ messages!

And what about advisers?

Well, if you choose your adviser (whether in personal finance, business or marketing) on the basis that you believe that they care… you might very well make some expensive mistakes.

If you fail to check on the quality of their advice…

… or whether they charge a fair price…

… it could easily cost you thousands of pounds (dollars) over the years.

So, please take care out there…

… and watch out for those who want to impress you…

… with how much they care about you.

A lot of these people have nothing of real value to offer you.

And the work of many is downright dangerous to your health and wealth.

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