No need to apologise

Disraeli. Don't hide your feelings

Oh, how we British love to apologise.

We even apologise when someone bumps into us in the street and it’s their fault!

Our ‘standards of behaviour’ seem to tell us to hide our feelings in public.

And we’ll often apologise for any show of emotion – whether it’s excited, happy, sad or angry.

We constantly wrestle with ourselves to be in a calm and ‘reserved’ state.

But does this really help us?

I mean . . . what’s the point of pretending that things are ‘fine’ all the time when they’re not?

That ‘F’ word is without question, one of our biggest enemies. More on that here.

So please don’t apologise for how you’re feeling.

If you’re feeling ‘great’ . . . perhaps because you (or someone close to you) has just achieved a big goal – then BE happy.

And be happy to show that you’re happy too.

And if you’re not feeling so good – perhaps because you’re ‘stuck’ on a difficult challenge in your life – then for goodness sake, accept the emotions that go with that frustration.

Those ‘so called’ negative emotions serve a purpose.

They drive us to fix our problems.

So, don’t deny them or apologise for them.

Doing that is what drives a lot of people to various unhealthy habits (drink, drugs and overeating to name just 3) in an attempt to ‘numb out’ those uncomfortable feelings.

Just accept them and deal with the issue that’s causing them.

Now, of course, there are times when we really do need to apologise.

When we feck up – it’s essential to apologise to those we’ve let down.

And a genuine and quick apology is one of the best ways to turn around a relationship that’s going the wrong way.

Indeed, there’s surely nothing more annoying than someone who refuses to apologise for their mistakes?

Okay, so that’s all i have to say today.

I’m ‘sorry’ that this is such a short note 😉

But have a a great day and let a few feelings out!


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