Can we talk about Christmas?

Is it Christmas

Officially (according to Christian religion) the Christmas season (aka Christmastide or Yuletide) runs for 12 days.

It doesn’t start until Christmas day – and runs until January 6 (aka Epiphany)

But, whether you’re religious or not (and I’m not) it’s difficult to avoid the grand Christmas retail marketing game that’s well under way by early November.

Surely we can make Christmas mean more than this ?

Here’s what the Grinch learned about it  . . .

Grinch quote

So, please go easy on that shopping and if you’d like someone to help you keep it under control – come with me . . .

. . . I’ll be heading out to the shops around 10 am on Christmas eve 😉

Oh, and if you’d like to start thinking about ‘mastering your money’ for the long term – after all your ‘life skills’ are not just for Christmas 😉  . . .

. . . then take a look here

And have a great day.


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