How to understand people

by understanding ourselves first

Hey guys, just a very short Insight if, like me, you like to understand people and you also want to understand yourself 😉

I have a sneaky feeling that’s most of us right?

Serious not Woo Woo

Now, this acclaimed test will take you on a deep dive into the widely accepted OCEAN model of personality …

… this is a serious self-assessment designed by a world leading Psychologist, Jordan Peterson.

So, it’s not the usual ‘woo woo’ you’ll find from most of those confident ‘blaggers’ on the stage.

Advice to Avoid from a sage on the stage

Are women nicer than men?

It’ll also take you right away from some of those … well, let’s just say ‘silly’ discussions about whether “women are nicer than men” etc.

Here you’ll learn that when we say ‘nice’ we’re really talking about ‘agreeableness’ …

… and that to fully understand how ‘agreeable’ someone is, we really need to know how ‘polite’ and ‘compassionate’ they are too.

High scores not important

You might also be surprised to learn that high scores in any area (and there are 10 (5 x 2) in this test) are NOT what this is about.

Sometimes we need impolite people to challenge conventional ideas and bring much-needed change to the world.

And we also need people low in compassion … many of whom are super-capable at solving complex tasks.

So, this is simply about understanding yourself and those you work with …

… to help us all get along and achieve more with each other.

Take the test

You can take Jordan Peterson’s assessment here

It’s only about £7.50 at today’s exchange rate (or $9.95 in the USA) …

and frankly, that’s a complete ‘steal’ for this quality of this kind of test.

And no, there’s nothing in this for me. I’m just looking to share good ideas here.

If you do the test, feel free to pop back here with any fascinating Insight you discover about yourself …

… but keep it short  – we don’t want all 10 pages in the comments …

… oops,  that was a bit ‘impolite’ eh? Yes, sorry, that’s just me – see below 😉

What about me?

Well, my scores are not that exciting one way or the other really except in one area – agreeableness!

And it turns out that I have a VERY low politeness score.

Now, who’d have guessed?

… and yes, I am quite keen on changing the world!

But what might surprise you is that I got an above average score in compassion.

And that seems reasonable (to me at least 😉 )… because I do care – I care a great deal – about helping people achieve more of their potential.

It’s 100% what my work – and this site is all about. Achieve more of what matters to you

And I genuinely believe that understanding ourselves can help a great deal with that.

Let me know what you think.

I’d love to hear from you on this one.

All the best for now


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