How financial education helps you

and could possibly save you a fortune in fees

Road Trip

Are you open to thought experiments and new ideas?

What if this idea could save you, or earn you, several thousands of pounds?

Well, if like the sound of that, read on, because this one’s for you.

You’re going on a road trip

Imagine for a moment that you’re sat at home, one miserably wet and cold day, and you’re dreaming of going on a road trip.

Imagine yourself, as free as a bird, and on top of the world as you cruise through the mountains with the wind in your face in your open-top car.

Now consider how you’d feel if you:

  1. Didn’t have a car.
  2. Didn’t know how to drive!

Stick with me on this, it’s worth it, I promise  🙂

Now picture yourself having been inspired by your dream to head out to look at your perfect car.

You cadged a lift from a friend to go to look at some sports cars at your favourite car showroom, and you were stunned at the look of those cars.

They looked incredible. And they felt, smelt and sounded great too.

Until, of course, you looked at the prices.

Cost. It’s always the problem

It turned out that you were going to need £25,000, just to get a basic model of the car you wanted.

You knew you had no chance of raising that sort of money.

So, you consoled yourself by repeating what your dad had told you about this car buying game; advice he gave you every time you mentioned this dream.

‘You do realise,  he’d say,

‘that buying a car is just an entry ticket to a very expensive party.

‘Once you factor in depreciation and maintenance and insurance and tax and fuel etc,

this thing is going to cost you £3,000 a year, or more, just to keep on the road’

‘And remember, that’s each and every year’

So, you apologised to the car sales guy, for wasting his time.

And feeling defeated once more, you headed for the exit.

Ahhh 🙁

‘Hang on a minute’

But just as you were leaving, the sales guy called out to you.

‘Hang on a minute’, he said, ‘ have you met Paul?’

‘Who’s Paul?’, you asked.

‘Well, he’s a driving instructor’ said the sales guy.

‘And he’s the best.

In fact, he’s written the book on the subject… you did say that you needed to learn to drive, first right?’

‘Oh Yes’, you say, ‘but I can’t afford the car so what’s the point?’

‘Well,’ whispered the sales guy, ‘don’t tell my boss that I told you this, but if you learn to drive with Paul, he can help you work out whether you need to buy a car at all.’

‘You see, it might be better for you to rent one, for that dream road trip of yours.’

‘Oh,’ you say, ‘that’s a thought …’

‘And what’s more,’ said the sales guy, ‘If you decide, later on, that you still want to have your own car, Paul might even show you how to find and negotiate with a dealer to buy one for £13,000’

‘and he’ll likely show you how to cut your annual running costs in half as well’

Now imagine that!

You wouldn’t believe it, would you?

You’d ask the sales guy to repeat it, which he would, and you’d say,

How on earth is that possible?’

‘Well, that’s just the way it works in our business’,  the sales guy would say.

Then you wake up

Okay, so was that just a silly dream story about buying dream Cars?

After all, those sorts of mad savings in costs are simply not available when you buy a car, are they?

No, they’re not.

Sure, you can normally, cut a deal and shave a few percentage points off the price of a car but you won’t halve the price.

However, this is how the market for financial advice works.

Adviser charges (and the quality of advice) vary a lot, and you don’t always get what you pay for!

How do I know?

Because I worked in the Financial Services industry for 25 years – and observed it closely for another 10, and this is exactly how I help people.

I’m Paul and I am that driving instructor 😉

Paul Claireaux

Fear not, I do not sell cars… or financial products!

I simply teach you (or groups of people) how to drive plan your money for the long term… and yes, I’ve written an acclaimed book on this too.

So, if after my training, you think that you need a financial product, I can show you how to go about buying those things, at a much lower price than you’ll get by trying to sort this out all by yourself.

There’s a chance you’ll save hundreds or thousands of pounds in fees with my help.

Don’t get misled or overcharged

Money matters can be complicated and a little scary at times, and if you talk to the wrong person, you’ll get misled or overcharged … or both!

financial product salesperson

The people I talk to, want to know how to navigate this minefield, and if you do too, you can learn more about my coaching and educational work here

I can show you how to take charge of your money, and how to map out your own plan for financial freedom in just a few hours.

So, at the very least, you’ll gain some incredibly valuable knowledge and skills, to benefit you (and your family) throughout your lives.

These skills are ‘evergreen’ too. So, they won’t need to change with changes in Governments, in interest rates or movements in the stock market.

Money back guarantee

Money-back guarantee

And there’s no risk to you of wasting your money either because I give a money back guarantee on all my work.

More details here

Keep on dreaming

Dreams are important but on their own, that’s all they are – dreams.

So, if not with me, just be sure to get some solid guidance on how to plan your money for the long term.

And achieve more of what really matters to you.

Thanks for dropping in


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