Does the truth matter?

Einstein on Truth

Yes, of course the truth matters but finding it is difficult eh?

We’re drowning in a sea of information – and a lot of misleading ‘noise’

What can really help you manage – in this information overload age?

Did you know that in the last minute alone . . . 

300 hours of video has been loaded to YouTube

It’s a job keeping up eh? 😉

And yes, I think that’s true – I just looked it up! 

But what’s it all worth?

How much information is valuable or true?

Who can you rely upon for solid ideas?

To help you achieve more of what matters to you?

A lot of this noise is just a mad rush of people looking to be famous for . . . well . . . . just being famous I guess!

(Thanks to Malcolm Muggeridge for that one)

But if you value the truth, I’m on your side and that’s what this site is about.

I have no agenda – other than to help you.

There are no adverts, no product push – this is about education pure and simple

You can watch a video to find out more here.

Oh, and that one is not available on YouTube by the way  🙂

Now, if you like what you see – and would prefer to focus on ‘robust’ ideas . . .

to achieve more of what matters to you

Have a great day


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