Can you rely on the newspapers?

For guidance on planning your money?

Watch the video above to learn why you can’t rely on the newspapers for guidance about money

And, of course, it’s not just the newspapers who will mislead you around money

Bad NewsNo one can help you plan your money – without your involvement

So, whilst you might think it’s bad news… that no newspaper, no magazine, no blog article, no App and no book – including my own, and that’s one of the best 😊 can give you a ready-made plan for your money…

… that’s actually really good news…

… because it’ll save you hundreds of hours of wasted time – searching for the answers!

This is the nature of personal financial life planning.

The clue is in the name, it’s personal – and you need to learn a solid process if you’re to build a plan that will work for you.

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And you can, (indeed most people probably should) use a financial planner or adviser to help you with this.

But even if you do get some help from an ‘expert’ …

… you still need to know the basics about investing and pension planning…

… so you can check the quality of the advice you get…

… and check that what you get charged – is fair!

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Now, here’s the transcript of the video above

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the newspapers could help us to spot a Scam or Financial Scandal – before it hits us.

But they can’t do that – they can only tell us the bad news after it’s happened.

But I wonder… surely they can help us to plan for our future?

Well, I guess if you look hard enough, you might find the odd article that’ll help you with that.

But you’ll need to check it for accuracy because they often get the facts wrong – especially with tax and pensions.

And some newspapers focus only on the scary stories and the financial scandals.

Of course, those stories might help them with their circulation but they only add to our confusion.

And you’ve probably seen their favourite ‘scary’ headline . . . about the impossibly high cost to fund a decent pension.

This is the one where they show you a table which tells a 30-year-old (for example) that they need to save £10,000 a year – or more – just for a modest pension.

Yes, that’s right £10,000 a year

That’s what we’re told, week in week out, in the money sections of the newspapers.

And that might be one reason why lots of people save nothing at all 🙁

But here’s the really scary thing about these scary headlines.

They’re wrong!

You really don’t need to save that much to build a decent fund for your later years.

In fact, that 30-year-old could build a fund of £250,000 – just by saving £3.30 each day.

That’s the price of a cappuccino.

Cappuccino pension

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PS to my good quality financial journalist friends

Obviously, I don’t wish to undermine your work – this is about those others 😉

And I do understand the problem you face in this complex area – especially if the notes and numbers you receive from the ‘experts’ are not always ‘balanced’.

So, if you need help getting more balance in your articles… from someone qualified on financial planning matters – with deep knowledge and experience of the financial services industry… but who doesn’t sell financial products, so has no axe to grind…

Just contact me here

And I’ll help if I can.

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