The best investment advice

Your best investment ever

Okay, so what’s the best investment advice you’ll ever get?

Simply this.

Ignore all specific investment recommendations you read in books, newspapers and online blogs.

Regardless of how ‘reputable’ the writer appears to be.

Their ‘recommendations’ cannot possibly be tailored to your particular circumstances.

Now, you might think that the internet is an amazing place.

And if you ‘Google’ ‘best investment ever’ – you’ll find more than 157,000,000 items of help.

Yes, that’s one hundred and fifty-seven million items.

So, you could spend the rest of your life in there and still not read a fraction of those ideas.

Indeed, if you try it, you’ll simply find that the list of stuff to read grows faster than you can read.

A lot faster.

The same goes for YouTube.

Did you know that there are 300 hours of NEW videos uploaded there every single minute.

I don’t know about you – but I’m struggling to keep up 😉

But seriously folks, how on earth can you cope with this sort of information overload?

Well, here’s how.

Ignore it all

Yes seriously.

Ignore every single newspaper or blog article that suggests that you invest or save into any specific investments or funds.

And the reason is quite simple.

They cannot advise you.

You are unique

Creating your own financial life plan is not like buying a book or new TV or tub of ice cream.

You won’t find it listed on Amazon with thousands of likes and reviews.

No one else can rate or ‘like’ your financial life plan for you.

It has to be developed from scratch – by you – and based upon your own unique goals for your life – whatever they are.

And the same goes for your ideas . . .

on the best way to achieve your goals

Your income, your other assets and your personal skills and strengths are all unique to you.

As is your attitude to investment risk

AND your capacity to take any.

So, despite what you may have read . . .

there are no rules of thumb – on the best way to save or invest your money

Your answers must be tailored to your own personal situation.

And, unless you’ve told the journalist or blogger all about your own personal and family financial situation . . .

. . . then they are NOT in a position to advise you.

. . . even if they’re qualified to do so – which most are not.

The plain truth is that financial products and funds are the last thing you need.

What you need first is a solid process for developing your own financial life plan. 

And if you’d like to learn that.

To take control of your money . . .

Money Monster

. . . and connect it to what matters in your life

(Your goals for yourself and your loved ones)

And you’d like to learn from someone trustworthy, qualified and experienced in money matters . . .

And you’d like to learn HOW to assess any investment that anyone could ever put to you . . .

. . . before you jump into it . . .

You’re in the right place

I will NOT sell you any financial products.

This is about Education – pure and simple

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All the best for now


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