Cut your content costs by 90%

Cut the cost of your educational content. Paul Claireaux

I’m delighted to announce this NEW (consumer-facing) licensed content service for Financial Advisers, Planners and Coaches.

This service could be perfect for you if:

  • You want to attract, engage or retain more clients.
  • You don’t have the time, desire or skills to create all the ABC (accurate, balanced and compelling) educational content you need.
  • You’d like to start building a great content library or add some proven content to one you’ve already started.
  • You like the idea of having lifetime licences to use this content, with free updates along the way.
  • You love the idea of getting this content for 90% less than the cost of creating your own.

ABC content takes time. Paul Claireaux

These new Insights are designed to help you inform your clients, their friends and family and other potential clients (and professional connections) on vital money issues, while you get on with your day job.

They’re not financial promotions; they’re generic Educational Insights.

So, at various points in each Insight, the reader is encouraged to seek personal guidance or advice – from you.

Content priced to help smaller firms

Even if you’re skilled at content creation, you’ll need to make an enormous investment (in time or money) to develop (and maintain) a high-quality library of educational content.

You can explore these costs in this other Insight.

In a nutshell, if you price your time at the average (Vouched For) adviser charge-out rate of £200 per hour, a single (high-quality, long-form) Insight will cost you around £3,000 of your time to create yourself – assuming you enjoy this type of work.

So, a learning hub of around 30 Insights will cost nearly £100,000 to set up—and perhaps £200,000 over ten years, including content maintenance.

You’re right – that’s not a figure most people expect until they work it out, as we’ve done in that link above.

But trust me – these are the numbers – and they’re why most people who start creating content – give up.

If you’re not skilled at content creation and work with a professional writer, you might save 30% of those costs and deliver a better result.

You may even save 50% to 60% on those costs – if your writer has a good library of content that they could re-write and repurpose for you.

And yes, I have such a library of ‘proven’ content. 

Still, these are big costs for small firms to bear, and that’s why I’ve started this new licensed content business.

My aim here is simple.

I want to save small advice firms more than 90% of the cost of creating their own content.

And, with my special pricing at launch, those savings are around 95% or more!

The standard Insight license prices – displayed in the content shop – apply to firms employing seven or fewer client-facing advisers, planners or coaches.

License prices for larger advice firms depend on how many advisers/coaches you employ. Yes, license prices are slightly higher but the price per adviser is lower than for smaller firms. Just ask for a price quote by – emailing

Of course, if you run a large advice firm (or other business in Fund Management, Employee Benefits, Education or Training services, etc.), you may prefer to have custom-made content – which includes content derived from what’s in my shop.

If that’s of interest, let’s explore working together on that.

Want to learn more?

You can learn about the 25 business and client benefits of education-first marketing by clicking that tab on my Content to Go services page.

25 ways to boost your business. Paul ClaireauxOn that page, I also outline my straightforward license terms – which I’ve designed to protect both our interests.

You can also explore my content store here to see what consumer-facing Insights are currently available,

I will regularly add Insights there – so sign up for my Educators Newsletter to hear about those.

And please e-mail me at if you have any questions – about this new service or my existing custom-made content service.

Thanks for dropping in.